Tuesday, June 28, 2016

TagMaster North America Delivers RFID Readers PoE Capable

Tacoma, WA | June, 2016 — TagMaster North America, Inc., the leading provider of long-range, high performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and access control, now provides the capability to use a single Ethernet connection for the installation of TagMaster long-range UHF and Microwave Readers.
TagMaster North America always strives to explore the possibilities provided by current and emerging technology.  They have successfully tested the installation of a TagMaster RFID Reader with the use of the “Passive Power over Ethernet” (POE) Kit, using a single Ethernet cable that does it all: power the Reader and provide TCP/IP connectivity for access control.
In a normal configuration, the RFID Reader uses individual connections for power, network connectivity, and access interfaces.  However, with a TagMaster Reader connected via the Passive POE Kit and used in conjunction with TagMaster’s ACTS (Access Control Tracking System) in a TCP/IP configuration, only the Ethernet cable is needed.  This capability is available for the XT-3 UHF Reader as well as the LR-6 Microwave Reader.
Why use an Ethernet cable over other options? No power where the Reader needs to be installed?  Through the use of only an Ethernet connection, the power source for the Reader can be reached up to 328 feet (100m) away!  This eliminates the time and expense of having to install additional electrical power near the reader.  Being able to set up a Reader within a 328ft range opens up installation options that may not have been possible before.  Also, running an Ethernet cable typically does not require a qualified electrician.
Power supplied over Ethernet connection is achieved with a dedicated power source.  With this dedicated source, the Reader is less susceptible to power overloads, under-powered situations and incorrect installation, further ensuring the already dependable TagMaster North America Reader’s operation.
Ali Khaskar, President of TagMaster North America, explained, “Cabling is a regular concern when speaking with planners and installers.  Sometimes, the greatest expense of time and cost for a project is having to run multiple cables!”  Being able to use a single industry standard Ethernet cable that handles data, power and access control with a TCP/IP configuration definitely helps reduce or eliminate this concern.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 2016 – Country Clubs & Gated Communities

The warm weather of summer is finally here! Gated communities and country clubs across the nation are anticipating a great season of golf, poolside relaxation, and members gathering to spend time with friends and family. For many Americans, the local country club offers an escape from the rigors of daily life; however, as pastimes like golf become increasingly popular, clubs face the dual challenge of parking and vehicle access control as they strive to meet rising seasonal demand.

Many gated communities have private pools for resident-use only, while clubs boast separate pool, golf, tennis, and administrative/maintenance areas. For these reasons, along with a rising demand for parking during the summer months, it is especially crucial for community and club personnel to manage parking lots and access control.

How can club personnel provide the highest level of member and employee satisfaction without sacrificing the security and convenience that patrons expect? The answer lies in Automatic Vehicle Identification, or AVI. TagMaster North America, the world leader in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), has provided powerful and reliable AVI solutions for over a decade. Gated communities and country clubs are just two types of installations that have benefitted from deploying such solutions at their sites.

Here’s how AVI works:

When a vehicle equipped with an RFID Tag (transponder) approaches an entrance gate or barrier, an RFID Reader at the checkpoint automatically verifies the Tag’s credentials. If authenticated successfully, the gate opens immediately, without any need for the driver to roll down the window or stop the vehicle. This system ensures that only authorized entrants are allowed access, and optimizes parking management and security.

Country Club Benefits Using TagMaster’s AVI solutions:
1.       Parking management optimization throughout different lots
2.       Improved member satisfaction leading to increased memberships for the next season
3.       No additional costs or time added to installation because of site licensing
4.       Reduced carbon emissions and vehicle queues
5.       Only authorized club members will be granted access into private areas
6.       Consistent reliability in all weather conditions
7.       Semi-permanent and permanent Tag options for seasonal members

Gated Community Benefits Using TagMaster’s AVI solutions:
1.       Safer and more secure environment for homeowners
2.       Monitored, protected access 24/7
3.       Easy, hands-free access for residents at all times; no need to roll down a window or stop at gate
4.       Authorized residents only will be granted access to private areas
5.       Visitors are attended to in a more timely fashion, reducing vehicle queues while ensuring a visitor gets to their correct destination within the community
6.       Multiple Tag (transponder) options for discreet, tamper-proof placement to ensure integrity of vehicles.

Thousands of partners around the world depend on TagMaster’s RFID AVI solutions. Stay ahead of the curve this summer—ask about TagMaster AVI!

Please visit us at www.TagMasterNA.com, and stay connected on social media.

Monday, June 6, 2016

TCO Part 10 of 10: Choose an RFID System That Will Stand the Test of Time

Over the last two weeks, our ten-part mini-series has outlined many of the pitfalls to avoid when choosing an RFID system, and explained why TagMaster’s RFID solution offers an exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership.

Remember that up-front hardware costs are not the only factor to consider when thinking about how well an RFID solution will serve you or your customers in the long run.

Don’t forget:
·         System installation and site licensing
·         Hardware quality
·         Ease of Tag fulfillment
·         System integration
·         Vehicle entry/exit times
·         Maintenance costs
·         Project deployment timeline
·         Software functionality

We know that your reputation as an installer is on the line every time you start a new project. That’s why TagMaster North America has gained the trust of over 320 installers, integrators, and OEM partners since inception. To find out how our RFID solutions can work for you, please call 253-238-1421, or visit us at www.tagmasterna.com.

Friday, June 3, 2016

TCO Part 9 of 10: Software Functionality/Scalability

Some RFID providers do not offer an embedded software option. This contributes to added, unforeseen costs, not to mention wait time during set up. Furthermore, third party software may not be able to fully utilize all the features of the RFID hardware in place, and may not have the scalability required by the application. Despite paying full price for hardware, you may not be achieving maximum functionality if the RFID software provided isn’t a good fit for the project.

Getting to know the features of different RFID software enables an installer to weigh the pros and cons of each. Some embedded software has the ability to integrate with live video feeds, allowing for a live-stream of the entrance and exits. Other software can provide a more sophisticated access control platform through features such as: real-time event reporting, gate scheduling, database backup, custom reports, anti-passback technology, an easy-to-use web interface, accessibility from any remote browser, and even standalone functionality.
Fortunately, TagMaster North America offers a variety of cutting-edge software solutions that come embedded in our RFID Readers, offering all of the above-listed features and more. TagMaster’s ACTS software doesn’t skimp on features or hinder installation time and Reader functionality. This is one more reason why the TagMaster solution offers a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

TCO Part 8 of 10: Time is of the Essence…

Many RFID providers require a middleman, either for site licensing, technical training, hardware extensions, product fulfillment, or software development. Not every RFID provider is able to fulfill all of their customers’ needs without having to contract out part of the project. This adds to downtime, increased costs, and lost business opportunities.

TagMaster North America understands that project timelines are of the essence. We exist to provide our customers with consistent, reliable RFID platforms that meet and exceed project specifications. For this reason, we boast an extensive local inventory that allows us to offer the shortest lead times in the industry. When it comes to all things RFID, we are a one-stop-shop.

Failure to consider lead times can halt an entire project. Ensuring your project can be completed through one provider can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful deployment.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

TCO Part 7 of 10: User Training and Support

Whenever you make a significant investment, whether in a home, a vehicle, or an RFID system, it is essential to consider the level of service and support that is offered, both initially and over the long-term.  Unfortunately, installers don’t always receive the information or support needed to successfully install and operate a new RFID system. Some buyers seem willing to sacrifice long-term service in exchange for a lower initial cost, while some don’t mind investing a little more in a product when the accompanying support meets and exceeds expectations.

TagMaster North America is committed to the success of our customers and partners. This is why we stand by our projects from beginning to end. In addition to providing next-level customer service, our team hosts webinars to educate installers and qualify them before a project actually begins. This process allows us to bypass any upfront issues with the installation and makes for a much smoother and quicker deployment.

Remember, inadequate or ineffective support will cause TCO to increase dramatically, regardless of initial costs. You never know when support services may be needed and you don’t want to be left hanging when you need assistance! Contact TagMaster North America today to learn more about how our world-class support team can assist you.