Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football season is finally in full swing and enthusiasts across the nation couldn’t be more ready. With millions of dedicated fans projected to attend the match-ups of the 2016-2017 season, stadiums and arenas are sure to see their share of excitement and the unfortunate let-downs. However, considering these many millions of visitors who will be parking their vehicles in stadium and arena parking lots nationwide at each game, it’s especially important for sports organizations to stay vigilant in the access control and monitoring of these parking areas, since this is where even more excitement and let-downs inevitably occur.

Whether or not your team wins the game you’ve been anticipating attending the past couple of months can make or break the trip you’ve put so much time and effort into. But, the enjoyment fans, guests and even promoters experience at events such as football games can sometimes rely simply on the easy, secure and rapid parking entry system they are introduced to. Let’s face it, what die-hard football fanatic wants to sit in a mile-long backup of cars awaiting to park their vehicle and enter the game they’ve anticipated for so long? On the other hand, what die-hard football fanatic wants to spend an hour or more maneuvering their way through the same line of cars after a devastating loss?

TagMaster North America, the leading provider of advanced RFID solutions for long-range vehicle identification, is the answer sports event management personnel have been looking for. Providing powerful and reliable AVI solutions for over a decade, TagMaster is able to provide an AVI RFID solution that is sure to enhance the fan experience while improving the efficiency and security of parking management at an event.

Sports Event Management Benefits Using TagMaster’s AVI Solutions: 
  1. Parking management optimization throughout different lots 
  2. Improved fan satisfaction leading to increased season ticket holders for next season 
  3. No additional costs or time added to installation because of site licensing 
  4. Reduced carbon emissions and vehicle queues
  5. Consistent reliability in all weather conditions 
  6. Semi-permanent tag options for different events (sporting events, concerts, graduations, etc.) 
  7. Visitor/vehicle tracking for simple monitoring of occupancy 
  8. Processing a large volume of vehicles in the shortest time 
  9. Cashless payment – no need for ticket handlers

Fan & Guest Benefits Using TagMaster’s AVI Solutions: 
  1. Safer and more secure environment for fans in protected lots 
  2. A more organized and enjoyable event 
  3. Monitored, protected access throughout the entire event 
  4. Easy, hands-free access for fans at all times; no need to stop at a gate/barrier 
  5. Reliable access without entry/exit wait times 
  6. Multiple tag options for discreet, tamper-proof placement

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