Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TagMaster selected by AnsaldoBreda, Inc for Metro project in Buffalo, USA

Tacoma, Washington | July 1, 2010 - TagMaster AB, the leading producer of advanced RFID solutions for rail applications, has been selected by the US division of AnsaldoBreda to provide TagMaster’s RFID system for the rebuild program of Metro Railcar in Buffalo, New York, USA. TagMaster’s total equipment value for the project exceeds 1 MSEK. AnsaldoBreda has begun to install the RFID equipment on the metro vehicles in June 2010 with a subsequent delivery schedule linked to their rebuild program through to 2012.

The TagMaster Heavy Duty (HD) Readers will be mounted onboard the trains and provide both train location for the onboard passenger information system and location information for the Between Car Barriers, which need to be activated when approaching stations. The reliability of the RFID system is particularly important for both these onboard systems, since the vehicles can change direction on track sections according to the varying route schedules as well as travel on single track sections. The project will also use the Field Programmable version of the TagMaster HD Tag, which allows AnsaldoBreda to program the specific tag location information into the tag at the time of installation, as required by the site installation team.

"AnsaldoBreda is a very welcome addition to our portfolio of global transportation system customers. AnsaldoBreda is one of the worlds leading suppliers of passenger trains for intercity, commuter and metro applications. We will be working to build on the success of this project in Buffalo and develop our business relationship with in AnsaldoBreda, both in the USA and with their European HQ in Italy” says Richard Holt, Director Transportation at TagMaster AB.

“We are very pleased to confirm TagMaster as our RFID solution provider for this metro project in Buffalo" says AnsaldoBreda. “The combination of proven performance within the rail industry and the flexible integration capabilities of the HD Readers made TagMaster an ideal supplier for this project”.

About TagMaster North America, Inc.:

TagMaster North America is the leading provider of long-range and high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), serving the marketplace through its wide network of system integrators and OEMs. Its diverse family of readers and tags offers maximum flexibility and versatility. Using 2.45 GHz semi-passive technology, TagMaster RFID systems increase efficiency, security, and convenience while decreasing environmental impact. AVI solutions can be further customized through the company’s information services.

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