Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TCO Part 3 of 10: Tag Fulfillment/Replacement

Generally, RFID Tags are inexpensive compared to the other hardware and software costs associated with an RFID system. However, for sites with a large population of Tag users or frequent new users, Tag fulfillment costs are an important consideration; examples include universities and large hospitals. With projects like these in mind, TagMaster North America offers a Tag fulfillment process with exceptional reliability and consistency.

TagMaster North America’s predictable Tag lifespan means that administrators can budget in advance for replacement or fulfillment orders, making it that much simpler to oversee a project’s complete budget allocation. Ensure that you’re using an experienced provider, not just a one-time supplier. Otherwise, ensuring a continuous supply of Tags may prove costly.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TCO Part 2 of 10: Quality Hardware

Just because a piece of RFID hardware boasts a low price tag does not mean that it will cost less in the long run. For most installers and end users, hardware reliability is one of the most important factors in choosing the right RFID solution, and rightly so; poorly constructed or faulty products can cause Total Cost of Ownership to skyrocket.

TagMaster technology has been at the forefront of the worldwide RFID industry for twenty years, constantly seeking to develop and improve upon the very best RFID products. The trust placed in the TagMaster solution by our partners speaks for itself. Earning the business of more than 320 distributors since inception, TagMaster North America provides hardware you can depend on, anytime, anywhere.

A cheap solution is no substitute for a quality solution. Ask your RFID provider about their product track record, and consider how this might impact your system’s Total Cost of Ownership.

Monday, May 23, 2016

TCO Part 1 of 10: System Installation/Site Licensing

Over the next couple weeks, the Blog will focus on different factors contributing to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an RFID system, in order to better inform partners and end-users about potentially unforeseen costs. This is part one of a ten-part series.
Some RFID systems take an exceedingly long time to install, test, and deploy. This leads not only to frustration on the part of end users, but also increased installation costs and lost business. Complicated hardware coupled with unreliable software and poor technical support make for a toxic combination. Furthermore, many RFID system providers fail to mention that their products require an expensive site license to operate.
TagMaster North America’s RFID platforms are site-license free in the US and Canada. Installation is a cinch, and exceptional customer support is on hand and ready to assist you. This is just one factor that makes TagMaster RFID’s Total Cost of Ownership one of the lowest in the industry.
Don’t fall into the trap! Remember to ask your RFID solution provider about how installation time and site licensing contribute to Total Cost of Ownership.