Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TagMaster North America launches the New HR-2 Handheld for Vehicle Access Applications

Tacoma, Washington | May 18, 2011 - TagMaster North America, Inc.,
the leading provider of long-range and high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) launches the new HR-2 handheld reader for vehicle identity, security, access management and parking applications. The HR-2 (ACTS version) is a fully portable handheld RFID Reader providing read/write capability for TagMaster’s range of 2.45 GHz ID-tag. The combination of this portable RFID device and its touch screen user interface with TagMaster’s powerful Linux operating system provides integrators with the flexibility to customize or enhance the functionality of the HR-2. The HR−2 includes an Ethernet interface, which allows direct access to the built−in web interface where the user can adjust settings and gain access to stored event logs.

Parking mangers that need to quickly identify the authorized monthly parkers are now able to ensure more efficient and speedier enforcement operations while enjoying the list of benefits offered by TagMaster technology. Each TagMaster tag mounted on the windshield contains a unique ID correlated with vehicle and monthly parker’s information in the handheld, which defines where the vehicle can legally park. The handheld is synchronized daily with a back-end database, to get batch updates of data so parking administrators always have up-to-date parking information. Each handheld can hold information up to 5000 monthly parkers information.

“With every new product introduction, TagMaster NA strives to render more convenient for the parking industry as well as a broad range of other industries which benefit from next-generation RFID products and embedded customized software solutions” Ali Khaksar, president of TagMaster North America, noted,”Universities, hospitals, airports, mixed-use development projects, and public parking garages, are some among many customer segments expected to reap the benefits.”

The HR-2 handheld (ACTS version) will be showcased at 2011 IPI Conference & Expo - May 22-25, Pittsburgh. The IPI Conference & Expo, the largest educational and networking event for parking and transportation professionals in the world.

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About TagMaster North America, Inc.: TagMaster North America is the leading provider of long-range and high-performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and rail bound transportation. TagMaster North America offers diverse solutions to increase efficiency, security, and convenience while decreasing environmental impact. Reliable performance, expert hardware/software customization, seamless integration, next-generation technology and excellent customer support are TagMaster North America’s distinct hallmarks.